Wise words

From today’s Asbury Park Press:

Even with flood insurance, homeowners are hurting

With regard to your Dec. 16 editorial, “Flood insurance: Don’t stall hikes,” those who have rebuilt after superstorm Sandy have already paid major premium increases in dollars (dishonorably denied for honorable claims under replacement cost insurance contracts), and in investments of long hours preparing appeals.

Having written 200 pages of appeal letters — receiving positive response only after intervention of remarkable Rep. Chris Smith and his staff — I still wrestle … with a bureaucracy that characterized two rounds of supportive testimony from an architect intimate with my home, and a master mason of vast experience, as “an absence of evidence.”


Editorial writers concerned about construction in flood zones might support laws that do not damage established neighborhoods. Do not undermine the values of homes which, when sold, will support citizens as they grow old. Concerned about waste? Go to war against war, not against your sisters and brothers.

Rabbi Harry Levin

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