ICC Flood Insurance Update

An ICC claim is an “Increased Cost of Compliance” claim that allows for up to $30,000 for covered expenses associated with flood-mitigation expenses, commonly including elevating or demolishing a home. In our June 2014 update (linked on the right side of this blog), we advised checking back on this website for any guidance from FEMA in response to our inquiries about the deadline/s to submit an ICC “Proof of Loss” and supporting documentation, and a list of supporting documentation. We have not received guidance from FEMA on this issue. In our experience, ICC has been paid administratively by the insurer/NFIP Direct Servicing Agent without much hassle, and the NY Rising program has often exceeded that amount of coverage in providing elevation costs as part of repairs or allowing for elevated reconstruction.

However, to be sure that you get the flood insurance ICC claim in on time and properly, we strongly advise:

(1) sending in to the correct address for your insurer (not your agent/broker) — or to the correct address for NFIP Direct Servicing Agent (if you have a “NFIP Direct” policy) — the the separate ICC Proof of Loss form (FEMA form 86-0-10, available here); send by fax and by express mail/FedEx with tracking, and confirm delivery by fax transmission and mail,

(2) making sure that it is completed fully, and dated, signed and sworn by you as the policyholder,

(3) attaching all necessary supporting documentation (because we do not have guidance from FEMA, it is necessary to contact your insurer/NFIP Direct Servicing Agent to help identify necessary documents),

(4) so that it is received by the insurer/NFIP Direct Servicing Agent before the end of the general proof of loss deadline as stated in our June 2014 update.

More general information by FEMA about ICC is here.

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