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Recovery After Long Island’s Record Rainfall – August 13, 2014

If you have had any flooding in your house from the August 13th storm you can call Red Cross for financial, clean up or housing assistance. The number for the Long Island office is 516-747-3500.

Below are additional resources which can be found on the Red Cross website:

If you have been flooded by Sandy and have a mold problem, CDCLI may be able to offer free mold remediation.  Follow the directions on the form at the link below to see if you qualify :

How to Financially Handle a Catastrophe –

For complaints against insurance providers call the Dept. of Financial Services at:  (800) 342-3736


Public Seminar Materials – July 19, 2013

Materials from the Helping Sandy Survivors with Insurance Claims seminar at Touro Law Center

Helping Sandy Victims Agenda and Table of Contents

Helping Sandy Victims Pages 1-88

Helping Sandy Victims Pages 89-169

Helping Sandy Victims Pages 170-238

Helping Sandy Victims Pages 239-304